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Year 4000 of the First Calendar

In ancient past the many gods ruled the lands. Now there are few. Set, the serpent god, poisoned the faith of much of the Pantheon and one by one the gods fell. With the destruction of his parents and siblings, Anubis was forced to take up the mantel of death and retreated to Hades. The age of reason was gone.

Year 4465 of the First Calendar

Pharaoh Rhekes leading his armies built the largest empire known to mankind. Making deals with Devil’s and Demons, all in Set’s name, Rhekes’s army was almost unstoppable.

Year 4477 of the First Calendar

Rhekes commanded most of the known lands from his capital city Sombus. Rhekes had become too powerful. The lands were scorched under the Pharaoh’s rule. With things continuing their current progression, the age of mortals would soon be over. Rhekes’s brother Farsis made a deal with Anubis. In order to obtain the aid of Anubis, a mortal with royal blood must open the gates of Hades and allow the Anubis to walk among the living, opening the word to undeath. Anubis was free to take his vengeance.

Farsis plan was two fold. Farsis made a bargain with Dwarf kind. The slave race known as dwarves, were forced to live underground and mine for the Royal blood. Most dwarves spent their lives without ever seeing sunlight. There command of the earth sprits was powerful.

The army of the dead took arms in the center of Sombus. While the army of the dead was battling the demonic army of Rhekes, the Dwarves buried the city. The grounds collapsed and the mountains crumbled. Hell was sealed by both stone and magic.

Year 1 of the New Calendar

Farsis named himself emperor. The undead walk the land. Anubis gave the Farsis blood line his blessing, and Farsis. Farsis deemed that every half century, his best warriors will venture into the buried city of Sombus to insure the magical seals remained.

In return for the service of the Dwarves, Farsis named the Dwarves as a free race. Farsis decreed that under penalty of death, all dwarves shall be free no dwarf shall be enslaved.

Year 212 of the New Calendar

Anubis stayed in the mortal Realm for over 212 years. His children became known as Gnolls. He returned to Hades, sealing the gates behind him.

Year 557 of the New Calendar

The Gnolls bred true, becoming a powerful and influential race. The royal bloodline became know as Shadar-Kai and Pharaoh Farsis died of exceptionally old age. Every half century, Pharaoh’s best warriors still venture into the buried city. Most of these warriors never return. The Pharaoh’s kingdom diminished, but was still a large piece of the known lands.

Year 638 of the New Calendar

The Halflings were a slave race mainly used to care for the children of their masters. But the Halflings were underestimated and murdered the children they were forced to care for. Pharaoh Rhamisis lost his own son to this tragic event. The Halflings were chased down and hunted for many years after. The cunning Halflings took to guerilla tactics and fought back. While many Halflings died, Rhamisis soldiers were demoralized. Rhamisis deemed Halflings too much trouble to enslave and gave up pursuit. However for the next 22 years, the Pharaoh’s army paid for every Halfling head that was delivered. This is how the Halflings earned the name children of Set.

Year 850 of the New Calendar

Pharaoh Armakus, sends his best warriors into the buried city of Sombas as tradition, however he had an ulterior motive. He devoted his long lifetime to creating a ritual that would break the seals of hell. He wanted to command all of the Devils and Demons under Set, and retake the known lands. Unknown to these warriors, he sent them to Sombas with a stone designed to break the seals. The plan worked but when the first seals broke, Armakus collapsed dead.

Sets minions were free to walk the lands, but Set was still trapped in hell. While most of the seals broke one seal remained intact. In Set’s prime, he could have destroyed the final seal, but his mortal worshipers had shrunk to scattered cults. His power was diminished. Sombas and the desert surrounding it became known as the Devil Waste.

Year 1073 of the New Calendar

The Druids border the Devil Wastes have fiercely protected the lands from the forces of Set. The Lands have been safe guarded against demonic threats for over 200 years. But as Set’s influence grows, so does the danger. The Waste Druids compose mostly of Gnolls. The worship of Set is illegal, but this faith is growing at an alarming rate. Set still has a long ways to go before he can break the seal, but as his cults get stronger, so dose Set.


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