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A free race, but they are a race without status. In the mountains and underground, they have their own kingdom. This kingdom still falls under the Pharaoh’s rules. Outside of their kingdom, they hold status only slightly better than slaves.


Children of Set, never turn a back to a Halfling, and Guard against a Halfling’s blades, are common phrases heard around a Halfling. Although not technically a free race, not many would risk enslaving a Halfling.


A race that walks all walks of life. From Nobility to Slavery, Humans are the most common of races.


A race from Rhekes’s linage that still walks the known lands. A Tiefling is hated and feared by most. Tiflings that are seen outside of the Devil Waste are usually poorly treated slaves. Inside the Devil Waste, Tieflings live in nomadic tribes. They have no particular affinity for Set or the old ways. Surviving the Waste is usually their only day to day goal.


A free race descended from Anubis. They hold high social and military positions. They are also known to patrol the outskirts of the Devil Waist to protect the lands against threats from Set and Hell.


A slave race mainly used as gladiators and labor. Free Minotaurs are usually military or raiders.


The royal bloodline blessed by Anubis. They are a free race and tend to hold high social positions or are nobility. Although they descended from the bloodlines of Anubis’s chosen, they are now know for their decadence and laziness.


A slave race more or less. They are not seen as living creatures and are not treated as such. They are seen only as Golems, with slightly better cunning. They make great solders, guards, and slave labor. This Golem race was created long before the murder of the gods, and the method of creating them had been lost a long time ago. However, the very same Golems still walk the earth today. They are silent watchers that have seen the rise and fall of Kingdoms. The Golem race have become fewer and fewer over the ages. With no way to reproduce, the Golem race is on their way to extinction.


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