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Worship of Anubis is the major religion in the known lands. He is the god of Death, Undeath, and the protector of the dead.


Worship of Set and the various snake gods are steadily growing religions. Demon worship is also associated with Set. Worship of Set, Vipers, Devils, Demons, and any snake god is punishable by death.

Spirit Worship

Spirit worship finds many who still worship the spirits of their ancestors, or the sprits of the earth, air, ect. Spirit worship is not exclusive or uncommon; many who worship Anubis also worship their ancestors. Spirit worship is legal unless the spirit is snake related.

The Usurper

The Usurper is a god that only goes by his title. His worship is illegal and feared by those with positions of power. Worshipers of the Usurper call slavery an injustice and undead an abomination. He threatens the foundations of the known lands. Many claim that he is Set in disguise and that his worship only empowers Set. Worship of the Usurper is also punishable by death.


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